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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

bintanh haty

What is your full name?
lailatul jalilah bt sulaiman bukhari

When is your birthday?
12 march 1991**bebear plss

What is your daddy's name?
sulaiman bukhari amir

What is your your mum's name?
bahiyah hassan

How many siblings do you have?
six..smua laki plak 2..

Where do you live?
gombak ku sygs
xdew hollywood kt cni
xdew bollywood jugew..
just adew GREENWOOD=)

Your favourite colour(s)
rainbow..amat menarik

Still studying?
yes..xpnuh d dada just d kpala

Do you have a bestfriend?
i dun have any bestfwen..
just adew TEMAN SEJATI

Do you love them?
of course!!!!

Pop or jazz?

Chicken or beef?

Coke or 100plus?
mnuman isotonik ahaha

What brand is your purse?

High heels or flat?

Skirts or jeans?
jeans r ouch..

Shirt or blouse?

Watch or bracelet?

Do you have girlfriend?
more than a lot~
n lurve them damn much

Do you have a boyfriend?

Did you love her?

Facebook or Myspace?

What is your wet dreams?
to many dreams..heehe

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