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Friday, May 7, 2010

sweet mother!!

berborak bersme BONDA TERSAYANG amat besh ouch..
cite smua kt gler uhh =)
a mom who would understand me .. for who I am n to know me!!

terasa bahagia sgt..
**slalo skrg ne gedik je lbey ahaha

hurmmm....da xde teman luahan perasaan
just ade my mom ne je...dr
sekecik2 hal smpai
ke besa2 hal..smua nk story..
my mom pown layan je r..hahaha..sbb
die pown byk nk story...dua dua nk story
xtaw sapa nk dga ahaha...abah dga r ek..hehe

My mother taught me many things that I have never read in books!!!
sumthng special bout evry mothers in dis cruel world!!

smua owg nk smbut hari bg layla..
Oh! My MAK, I sincerely wish everyday
could be Mother’s Day
..shgga hujung nyawa
xda 1 pown yg dpt mngantikn sgla
pngorbanan mak pd kte....

dis poem mmg khas dterbngkn dr dunia hati
keikhlasan hati akak kpd mak....i love u dear!!!

Oh! My mama, happy mother’s day!!!!!!
You are da greatest MAK dat I have ever had
You are my MAK today
You will be my MAK tomorrow
You are always my MAK
You will forever be my MAK!!!!

Thank you my MAK for bringing me into this world
Thank you my MAK for taking care of me in your womb
Thank you my MAK caring for me as a toddler
Thank you my MAK for feeding me since I was a baby
Thank you my MAK for all the clothes you bought for me
Thank you my MAK for teaching me good manners at home

Thank you for sending me to school
Thank you for supervising my homework
Thank you for ensuring I eat before going to school
Thank you for all the regular pocket money
Thank you for liking my friends
Thank you for all the everyday advices

One day in a year is not enough to thank my wonderful MAK
Oh! My MAK, I will forever be your child
Oh! My MAK, you will eternally be my mother
Thank you for being my best friend
Thank you for being my trusted adviser
I honestly wish you HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

**sayang anda BAHIYAH HASSAN

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