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Monday, November 19, 2012

mango crepe & strawberry crepe..nyummienyeee


Semalam cikbintnag post psl 

then MAMA ZAKWAN & NAYLI ni komen
kalau xmkn durian..ade byk bnda laen..

hee..cikbintnag xtahu kn...
so bila baca..trus google gmba..
trus lapa..trus ngidam..
trus crik resepi hahaa


MANGO CREPE..aduhhhhh

..woii..sdap gila ni!!!!

ehemm..da ngidam sgt ni..acane??acane??
nk buat weekend larh ade masa..hehehe
tp okay..try dlu bru tahu jd ke x jd hehehe



nt kot2 da jd bru cikbintang post resepi hehehe
**gmba sumber dr cik google n blogger2 yg comel n hensem.. hehee


4 momel momel:

.: iEyLa :. said...

nyummm...nampak sedap..hiks



Nad @ MamaZN said...

Kak nad yg terliur tgk gmbr2 tu..
Cikbintang, buat pastu pos pd kami ek! =)

Anonymous said...

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