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Saturday, November 5, 2011


sy suka stalk FB dia..

yezza....even die xtaw,
mgkin juga dia slalo stalk FB sy??
muehehe...perasaan gile habes kan..

what to do maa....
past is past....
ohh....i hope u hve a great life rite now...

those moments u wish
u had caught on camera...
so sad..dlu xwt cmtu..
tp baguiih gak...xde r sy trkenang2..ehehe

i always wonder what crosses on ur mind
when u remmber our memories??hurmm =_=

we can't erased the memories in our life

thanks to you,

**brani tulis sbb tau dia xbaca ahaha

**demok bunny jgn jeles..
i love u more larh rite now..SARANGHAE!!hehe


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