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Sunday, April 17, 2011

event yg ada dbuat d zoonegara!!!

c comel n c jambu bintangku!!!

okay for dis entry...
cikbintang nk share bout
my dept....
okay spt yg smua tau
(bajet mcm smua org knal)
cikbintang ade d
d dept ni..kmi ade wt beberapa xtvt yg seswai
tuk smua golongan umur

*family days
*birthday party
*event corporate

okay mcm birthday party ke...
we will even bring out some tame animals..
such as phyton....
n maybe hobit???
Kiddy food packages, games and sing along songs awaits your child on his/her birthday!!!okay ade sket gmba2 kt bwh ni kalo birthday party!!!

**cik ct kte peluk org utan tu...dato k xjeles ke??ngeee~~

okay next..
family days..corporate evnts...
the zoo is a beautiful scenic location to have a family day for corporate companies...
mmg best r kalo nk wt function cenggini
we even hve the facilities to accommodate over 3000 people at one time!

petronas dis year ade wt beberapa events kt cni...
aritu utk giving presents ceremony pon
die wt kt cni tuk
pminat2 setia petronas..heee

yeahhhburung nuri ni pon slalo
kiddie bank club!!
die year..last month bru je wt pelancaran yg trbaru!!

Visitor Info - Show Times

sdikit info tuk visitor...

Multi-Animal Show (Sea Lion / Macaques / Macaws)

Daily: 11.00 am & 3.00 pm / 3.30 pm (Friday)

next nt cikbintang crita psl zoo negara ttg hal2 len okay~~

okay kalo nk wt events mcm ktatas tu
ley contact cni.. --->>
603-41083422/7/8 or email us at

motif:mini ambassador zoo negara!!!


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