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Thursday, September 2, 2010

8 rules 2 b a better life

8 rules to b a better life

pic xde kne mngena..ngee

grrr i think larh...
just do it..

1)never hate..

2)don't worry
(wt bodo all times..ahaha)

3)live simply..yes sdg dlakukn skrg

4)expect a liltle...
sumtimes ley r..hehehe..teruk!!

5)give a lot..wooo da trtumpah2
me bg ksh sygs kt smua org

6)oweys smile..yeah..
xnmpk me sdg senyum =)
k fine tipoo

7)live wif love..
tettt evryone love me..lalalaa

8)best of all,b wif ALLAH..
yes...slmt bramal (*_*)

grrr..tga bosan ok


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